Get your big data off the bench this season

They say "knowledge is power," but that is only true if you put it into practice. Unfortunately, a lot of agricultural data will be sitting the bench again this season.

In the Information Age, producers and their suppliers have knowledge that can help the other grow more effectively. The problem is that many have data they're not using. Independently farmer-owned and operated, MyFarms helps producers and suppliers bring their data together to make the best play in each field.

It's time to get your valuable data into the game this growing season.

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Choose a coach that goes the extra mile

MyFarms works with input suppliers taking the lead to help producers get the most out of every bag, pound and gallon they buy. Seed companies are going the extra mile to deliver the decades-old promise to "fit seed to field." Chemical companies are bundling chemistry and biotechnology recommendations, and grain buyers are sharing valuable crop health data with contracted producers.

These teams of suppliers, producers and buyers win big by combining product knowledge with field data to deliver the most intelligent field-level cropping strategy possible.

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Get your supply chain pulling in the same direction

Supply chains that share knowledge, coordinate resources and act with precision consistently surpass the competition. These collective teams are disciplined and share an uncommon commitment to mutual success.

A growing number of suppliers and producers are teaming up to bring crop data together for mutual gain. MyFarms helps by facilitating collaboration that is more efficient, accurate and intelligent than ever before. This is good news for teams of suppliers, producers and buyers. It's even better for a growing population that is desperately in need of all they can produce.

Get plugged into a team or start building one of your own today.

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Go for the gold pile

The best thing about being on the best team is that everyone wins!

  • Suppliers distinguish products by combining intelligence with every bag, gallon and pound.
  • Growers receive the benefit of more intelligent product selection and application rates.
  • Buyers build a feedback loop to manage their contracted crop and risk exposure.

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